The name MEA water simply means - Magnetic - Energised - Activated. Your water is transformed back into an energised life affirming form free of toxic load, where your cells can regulate and heal at their highest potential to support a healthy life. MEA water was born in early 2000 with extensive research and trials conducted. Our innovation and technology lead the world in water science. We are located in Mongarlowe NSW, Australia near the pristine Budawang National Park. Each MEA water device is made in Australia from the highest grade materials, with each device being tested and labelled on site before being packed and shipped. The MEA water devices are easily installed and require zero maintenance. Once installed they will perform indefinity.


When water passes through a MEA water device, it re-energises and restructures the water in a molecular form to a hexagonal crystalline structure. This is the same state of water in a pristine flowing river. The water is entrained with a permanent negative charge in milli volts which is essential for optimal health in all living cells on earth. The devices work on water pressure and require no power. They perform 24/7 with no maintenance.

Why restructure or restore your water?

One of the major impediments to human and animal health is the degradation of the Earth’s water sources. This is due to pollution, chemical toxins such as chlorine, biological contaminants and positive charge water. MEA water holds its negative charge permanently. It activates the electrical capacity of beneficial microbes, has greater cell penetration, neutralises toxins and minimises the growth of moulds and fungi. It removes mineral deposits (eg. Calcite) in pipes. MEA water increases the human body’s capacity to uptake nutrients from food, and to heal from inflammation and disease. Use of MEA water in food production, results in greater food size and yields, stimulated microbial activity and improved health of farm animals.

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