MEA stands for Magnetised, Energised and Activated. This is what happens when water is passed through a MEA Water ® Device to produce a permanent negative charge.

MEA Water Devices transform water and other liquids it into a natural, life-affirming form. This patented technology creates structured water with a permanent negative (-) electromagnetic charge. It is the only technology worldwide that creates a permanent negative charge.

There is an extensive range of MEA Water ® Devices from a bottle top portable device through to a large 4” inline device for public utility and agricultural use.

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Water in a pristine, natural flowing state has a six-sided crystalline (hexagonal) structure with a net negative (-mV) charge due to the increased oxygen molecules (-mv charge) in structured water. Structured water is known as living water. When water is removed from its flowing and vortex state, the water structure changes to a five-sided crystalline (pentagonal) structure, and hence loses oxygen molecules and converts to a positive (+mV) charge. All still water, including urban water from reservoirs, tank water and water flowing through straight pipes carries a positive charge. Still water is known as dead water. However, the cells in all living species, eg. microbes, plants, animals, and humans, function at an optimal level with a negative charge (in animals and humans this is optimal at -50mV). When you drink positive charge water, your body must use your energy to convert the positive charge to a negative charge. However, when you drink negative charge, structured water, you are not unnecessarily wasting your energy on charge conversion. The science of structured water has been known and researched since the 1920’s. Further information about structured water and its benefits to cell health can be found at (link to research papers on this website). This will provide information results of MEA water structure research, and books on structured water.

There are so many inter-connected health benefits of living water including improved hydration and uptake of minerals, increased blood oxygen saturation, reduced inflammation and elimination of foreign or toxic pollutants.

Today, most water has toxicity, is unstructured and carries a positive (+) electromagnetic charge. Rainwater is exposed to air pollution. Water is contaminated from chemicals in soils. Water in dams, tanks, pools, and pipes is treated with fluoride, chlorine & other chemicals. This water is mostly stagnant and therefore unstructured with a positive charge. Consumption of this water by humans, animals and plants is a major contributor to poor health. The positive charge in most urban water is a factor in lowering the negative (-) electromagnetic charge of healthy cells.

Healthy human, animal and plant cells carry a negative charge. Structured water with its negative charge and smaller molecular cluster of hexagonal crystalline structures is more readily absorbed at a cellular level.

Yes! Living water with its hexagonal (six-sided) crystalline structure holds more oxygen molecules than unstructured water with its pentagonal (five-sided) crystalline structure. Oxygen has a negative charge, and its presence in water creates and sustains the negative charge in structured water.

No! The key to MEA water is the negative charge and the amount of primary alkalising minerals in the water such as bicarbonate, lithium, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, rubidium & strontium. These minerals keep your blood alkaline, not the alkaline pH of water.

No! Water filters, reverse osmosis and other such products do not restructure water – they do not offer the cellular health benefits of MEA Water ® Devices. If you need to remove particles from water, a filter may help and can be used in conjunction with a MEA Water ® Device.

No! When water is treated with reverse osmosis, it is stripped of beneficial ions (minerals and bicarbonates) and takes on a high positive (+) electromagnetic charge.

In contrast, MEA Water ® Devices will restructure water to a crystalline form that gives it a life-affirming negative (-) electromagnetic charge. All cells function at their fullest potential with at least -50mV. This potential is sustained by drinking water in its most natural, pristine, and pure state, ie. water with a negative charge. Otherwise, your body must expend energy in converting positive charged water into a negative charge. This expenditure is a loss of energy for normal cell regulation and healing.

MEA water devices were the first, water restructuring devices to claim in 2012 that it would entrain a permanent negative charge into the water. Other commercial devices do not make this claim. Four Australian Innovation patents were granted to MEA water devices in 2016 and include the following claims: Patent Number 2016100017 for restoring water to a permanent negative charge, Patent Number 2016100592 for significant increase in food production and integrity when the negatively charged water is combined with a formulation of diverse and abundant microbial species. Patent Number 2016100637 for removing pathogenic microbes (eg. E.coli) from liquids such as wastewater and raw milk. Patent Number 2016102046 for the capacity of a MEA water device to hold and sustain a natural wave energy. MEA water devices are Australian Industry Certified (Certificate No. 23400) with a WaterMark and tested to comply with appropriate industry specifications and standards

Firstly, all matter (mass), like water has two (2) forms: a mass and energy form. In the Laws of Thermodynamics, mass and energy cannot be destroyed, however they can be transformed. Transformation can naturally occur in water through radioactive and biological processes. All structured water is in a crystalline, six-sided, hexagonal form (eg. pristine flowing water and MEA water) and this water structure can reorganise and re-bond toxins into an inactive, inert material, by reducing a toxic compound back to its elemental forms. For example, Fluoridation is transformed in MEA water from Na2SiF6 back to Na, Si and F-. These natural elements in water are non-toxic or harmless. MEA water would also transform toxic nitrites in water to their non-toxic nitrate form. In this manner MEA water devices serve to realign the actual molecular structure of the water by bringing the water back to the more natural, energetic, and healthy state for cell function.

MEA water devices are not filters and do not remove anything physically from the water. Filters can remove most of the matter, however they do not remove the energy signature of toxins and consequently this toxic energy ends up in human and animal cells as toxins. However, the MEA water device will transform the energy form of the toxin to benign elemental forms. That is the molecular structure of the toxin has transformed to a natural (non-toxic) element. A laboratory test for say Fluoride or Chlorine or any other chemical, is only a test for chemistry. When a toxic compound enters structured water, it is present in a different molecular (energy) form, however it is still there as you cannot destroy matter and energy, only transform it to another energy or molecular form.

When you see both structured water and regular/urban (unstructured) water, you will not see a difference with your naked eye, except at higher magnifications under a microscope. However, you will in time experience a difference with your health and well-being. Therefore, if you intend to install a filter, it can be installed before or after the MEA water device. However it may be wise to restructure and detoxify the water before it enters a filter.

The Athena ¾” device is a whole of house and garden device and provides the structured water benefits in drinking water, cooking, garden watering, showering, bathing, swimming and washing clothes. However, most households use the Apollo bottle top device for restructuring wine, spirits, juices, and milk. Apollo is also your companion for travelling and restructuring your drinking water and other liquids. The Iris is most suited for apartment living as it fits under the sink, and on the shower or garden hose. The Iris can also be easily removed when you change your living space.

Firstly, flowing water in a pristine stream is structured water due to its continuous vortex action. Secondly, water knows how to vortex and does not need human intervention. A MEA water device has no moving parts or internal components to force water into a vortex. However, water does respond within milliseconds to a magnetic resonance energy. MEA water devices have a unique and patented array of magnets that can entrain a negative (-mV) charge to the water in a manner that enables the water to restructure to a unique six-sided/hexagonal crystalline form that is permanently retained in the water. Other commercial devices can only hold this negative charge for at best 60 hours, and this is a major limitation in water storage for agriculture.

It is the permanent electrical field (-mV) in MEA water that stimulates plant production by signalling to the plant a potential energy that enables it to increase photosynthesis. This energy flow increases nutrient uptake to the plant, and this can be a 2-5-fold increase depending on other factors like water, soil nutrient and sunlight availability. MEA water devices have been tested in over 300 experiments on plants and animal health. These results are summarised in MEA research papers. Farm animals that consume MEA structured water will be more productive (eg. growth rates, milk, and meat production), calmer, have shinier coats, and more resistant to disease. This includes fish that live in structured water. MEA structured water will also increase plant production and nutrient uptake in hydroponics, irrigation for viticulture, horticulture, and plant nurseries. The main MEA water devices for food production are: 1” Proteus, 1 &1/4” Orion, 2” Zeus and 4” Rollo.

There are two main reasons why industry and commercial enterprises use MEA water devices: Firstly, the MEA device will remove calcification (Calcite) from pipes due to the use of hard water (water high in sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium minerals/salts). Secondly, the MEA deice will improve the quality of water consumed by people, animals, and plants within these enterprises, and consequently their health. Calcite in pipe cannot be destroyed (eg. made to disappear), however MEA structured water does transform/convert Calcite into Aragonite (another form of carbonate) and this form does not stick to pipe walls. Aragonite will float on the top of water storages, and therefore it is best to capture this restructured water in a tank and draw the water from the bottom of the tank. Ideally, new building constructions would install a MEA water device on the mains water supply pipe so that all water within the building area receives structured water.