Why restructure or restore your water?

Why restructure or restore your water?

 We believe that one of the major impediments to human and animal health, and to the planet, is the degradation of the Earth’s water sources, through pollution, chemical toxins such as chlorine, biological contaminants and the delivery of positive (+) charge water for human use. People are consuming this toxic water every day: it’s the water we use for bathing, cooking and growing our food. 

The consequences of humans consuming this positive charge water, and using it in agriculture, contributes to declining nutrient density in food and a major incline in disease. In this respect, we were able to link water and food degradation to illness and disease. We understood that the answer to healing cell damage lay in transforming the quality of the water we use and consume, to a permanent negative charge (-mV). 

During our 20 years of research into water, and particularly the crystalline structure of water, four critical facts became very clear: 

1. The water in cells of all living species is structured water with a negative charge in the range of -50mV to make new cells with the highest potential for regulation and healing.

2. Our paleo ancestors mainly drank naturally structured negative charge -mV (Syntropy) water from flowing water systems. 

3. Most people on Earth today are drinking a de-structured, positive charge +mV (entropy) or an unnatural form of water that is supplied from tanks, reservoirs and straight pipes (ie. urban water). 

4. When people and animals drink de-structured, positive charge (entropy) water, the body must expend a considerable amount of cell energy to convert the positive (+) charge to a negative (-) charge. Over time this can degrade the charge of cells towards positive (+) and this is the zone for disease and other health issues. 

Our research has proven that consuming or using structured water is the basis for the extension of wellbeing in life. Therefore, Magnetised, Energised and Activated (MEA) water was created to replicate pristine flowing water. 

We completed the invention of the MEA structured water devices in 2012 to transform still water with no flow or current (eg. in tanks bottles, pipes, etc.) and with a positive charge, into a unique liquid crystalline structure that sustained a permanent negative charge in the water. This invention was the Holy Grail for water. The very simple change in the liquid crystalline structure of still water, through a unique form and resonance of magnetism – changed everything. 

Further research found that the MEA structured water held its negative charge permanently. It activated the electrical capacity of beneficial microbes, had greater cell penetration, eliminated pathogenic E.Coli and minimised the growth of moulds and fungi. It even removed mineral deposits (eg. Calcite) in pipes! 

Additional research showed that the consumption of MEA structured water increased the human bodies capacity to uptake nutrients from food and to heal from inflammation and disease. When the inline devices are used in food production, the MEA structured water produced greater food size and yields, stimulated microbial activity and supported the overall health of farm animals. 

The MEA water devices give control back to people to transform their water from a positive charge (+) to a permanent negative (-) charge and to transform it into a life-affirming form. 

We invite you to learn more about the science and research behind our structured water devices, and how structured water can improve your health. 

Extensive information can be found in our research papers.