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MEA Water ® Device

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At home or on the go, the Apollo gold portable device restructures and revitalises your water. It can also be used to restructure other liquids including wine, spirits, juice, and milk by improving the taste and quality. The portable gold comes with two glass bottles for restructuring liquids.

Why Gold?

Gold stimulates cellular activity and the body’s defenses. It acts as an anti-toxin, helps heal wounds, and supports the cardiovascular system. Gold acts as an anticarcinogen (especially when combined with selenium, platinum, copper and nickel). It supports recovery from fever, rheumatoid inflammation and high blood pressure.

5 year Manufacturer's Warranty & 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee.  


  • Portable.
  • Rapid hydration.
  • Water tastes soft and balanced.
  • Enhances tea, coffee, juice, milk, wine and spirits.
  • Supports good gut health.
  • Enables cell regulation and healing.
  • Neutralises toxins.
  • 100 % environmentally friendly.



  • Weight .125 kg
  • Dimensions 5.2 × 3.8 × 3.8 cm
  • Length 50mm
  • Inside Diameter ½”
  • Outside Diameter 37mm
  • Thread Size BSP ¾”female