Healing with Negatively Charged Water

Most natural and wild flowing waters have a negative charge (millivolts-mV).  These waters are found in some mineralised groundwater sources, springs and unpolluted wild rivers.  The world’s healing water sources, often referred to as miraculous, magic or energised,  are often discovered in wells, bores and springs where the water is in close contact with the minerals and magnetism of the rocks.  These waters are known for their homoeopathic and healing effects for animals and humans.

So what are the properties of water that make it life affirming or healing?

Clearly, water is critical to body function as it represents 70% or more of the body.   The science of water is relatively new and largely incomplete, however there is enough science to demonstrate that water with a negative millivolt charge is life-affirming and sustains life. Human and animal cells have a healthy charge of between -25mV to -50mV.  The cells of an injured part of the body will rise to a negative (-) 50mV in order to accelerate healing and make new cells.  This change in polarity facilitates the movement of nutrients to the area that requires healing.  Therefore, we can assume that in order to heal,  the body requires the capability (ie. negatively charged cells and nutrient availability in the body) to deliver a negative charge (-) 50mV on demand.

Have you ever noticed how good it feels to walk barefoot on a sandy beach or in a forest?  

There is a reason for that and it is called the grounding effect.  As humans, we are by nature designed to have a daily connection with nature. Many cultures still have this daily connection, however modern Western society has little or no contact with nature on a daily basis.  The reason for this sense of well-being when we have daily contact with nature is due to the fact that you’re receiving a surge of potent healing negative electrons from the ground.

The earth has a slightly negative charge, so when you stand barefoot on the ground, electrons from the earth flow into your body, giving you a virtual transfusion of healing power.  When you drink negative voltage (electron charged) water the effect is the same, albeit it does not replace our in-buildt requirement for regular contact with nature.  So why do we need this constant grounding with nature, the need to eat whole natural foods and drink negative voltage water?

•    Free radical stress from exposure to mercury pollution, cigarettes, insecticides, pesticides, trans fats, radiation and irradiation of food continually deplete your body of electrons and oxygen

•    Grounding effectively alleviates inflammation because it thins your blood (greater oxygen flow) and infuses you with negatively charged ions through the soles of your feet

•    When you are grounded to the earth, the negatively charged electrons you receive increase the structure of the water in your cells

•    Living or energised water is negatively charged water. This water can hold energy, much like a battery, and can deliver energy too. When you ground, you are charging every single cell in your body with energy your body can use for self-regulation and self-healing

•    Surfaces that will allow your body to ground include: sand, beach, grass, bare soil, concrete, brick, and ceramic tiles

Healthy kids and adults have a cell charge in the order of -25 to -35 mV. Once cell charge falls to -15 mV and below then tiredness, sickness, infection and chronic disease arises.   A healthy cell charge (negative) can be sustained through natural processes, such as early morning sunlight, nutrient dense food, drinking unpolluted water (eg. water from a pristine source and with no added chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine), walking barefooted on the beach or on grass, body immersed in moving water (eg. ocean, river, rain, shower),  etc.  Meters to measure body voltage can be found on the Internet.

 A healthy cell charge can be altered to an unhealthy, low negative or positive charge by exposure to air pollution (most large urban environments), junk food, chemically contaminated water and reverse osmosis water (acid or dead water), moderate to heavy consumption of carbonated drinks and alcohol, over-cooked and processed food, caffeine and moving air from air conditioners, fans, hair dryers, etc.

Negative charge from a cell will always move to the area (cells) of lowest negative or a positive charge.  For example, healthy people transfer negative energy to sick people through hugging or touching, and lovers or couples can get into cell-energy equilibrium from energy transfer (one person to the other) through physical contact, eg. holding hands, hugging, etc.  This is why certain professions involved in close physical contact with clients (eg. physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, etc.) are always at risk of losing negative charge from their body to their clients. Animals regularly give negative charge to people then go outside to recharge.

Any contact with nature, eg, trees, rocks, natural waters, etc. will enable negative charge from the earth to transfer to cells in the body, and positive charge from the body to transfer to the earth. This is why contact with nature feels so good for your wellbeing.  This process is called grounding.

The increase in sickness and disease since about the 1950’s is directly related to the loss of negative cell charge from the cells of people and animals.  This has been largely caused by contamination of air, soil, water and food through chemicals that have caused cell toxicity.  Also, people have a much higher propensity to take pharmaceutical drugs rather than use natural healing approaches.

So how do you tell if you are at risk with a low cell charge?

A simple test is to measure the pH (potential hydrogen) of your urine (cell water) and it should be between 6.5 and 7.8.  It is advisable to get a good quality digital pH meter for this task. If the measurement is below 6.5 then your healing capacity has been limited and action needs to be taken to raise urine pH well above 6.5.  There is ample scientific evidence to show that cancer will occur with prolonged cell water charge below 6.5 and cell polarity of between -15mV and +30mV.  However, while aging is inevitable, the process of aging and disease are vastly hastened by adverse environmental forces that include a multitude of lifestyle and diet factors.  That is to say, there is no single factor (eg. genes) in aging and the onset of disease.

Due to the fact that our bodies are ultimately constructed from the natural things (ie. food, air and water), and obey very strict natural laws such as the well-known principle of chirality (ie. right and left handedness or spin), and the fact that all amino acids in our body turn a beam of polarised light in the left-handed direction (eg. L-lysine) and sugars to the right-handed direction (eg. D-ribose), you cannot simply create biologically active, synthetic drugs arbitrarily, because any mistake in right or left handedness (or direction of spin) could be averse to life. Nature, therefore, provides the only unique and bimolecular architecture of irreproducible intelligence and complexity, from which life-affirming food and water exists for living species.

Since about 2000 I have researched and worked with a number of people involved with subtle energies for measuring the health of living systems (eg, soil, plants, water, air, animals and humans) and this has led to trials with the use of negatively charged water on soil, plants, water, animals and humans. My research company developed during 2012 a magnetic device to transform water and hold a negative charge in the water (last checked in 2016 as -350 mV).  The quality of the input water is critical to achieving high negative charge potential.  Early test results show that when this negatively charged water is used on living systems they are capable of achieving full life potential, given adequate nutrients and other essential processes that may be appropriate for the system (eg. water needs to move or vortex to maintain a natural negative charge).  I have observed vegetables grow to 2-3 times normal weight and increase nutrient uptake by 2-4 fold.

Disease and insect attack were reduced significantly.  Animals and young children seem to be sub-consciously attracted to drink this water (water magnetised/energised for a groundwater source, and what I call energised water).  People involved in trailing this energised water have reported to me that their fogginess has lifted and they feel more vital and creative.  There is further independent evidence of these effects at or simply Google magnetised and/or energised water.

Your body is a self regulating and self healing system and you must have electrons available to sustain your cell life, otherwise the cells will die and your organs and other life support systems (eg. lungs, liver, heart, immune system, etc.) will malfunction.  The human body requires oxygen to move electrons and depletion of body oxygen through poor diet and lifestyle is a pathway to disease.  Everyone needs the ability to achieve cell charge of -50mV to -70mV at the point of healing, otherwise you cannot achieve healing.  This low cell charge (negative) means that injuries or infections will not repair properly and you could develop chronic diseases.  The remedy is not in the use of pharmaceutical drugs that in the main decrease cell charge, but in a diet with nutrient dense food and drinking negatively-charged water.  That is, you need voltage food and water. Also, the build up of toxins in the body is a major cause of polarity change and loss of negative charge in cells.  Your body will naturally detox with a healthy cell charge, otherwise you may need to use a natural detox procedure.

Scientific papers since about 2000, demonstrate that water and biological coherence are fundamental to our energy systems and to optimise health, vitality and longevity.  The science of water structure provides insight to the liquid crystalline molecular fabric that interconnects all parts and processes within living things. This living matrix gives a substantial basis for the term holistic and a scientific basis for all of the alternative therapies for humans and animals, including homeopathic approaches using energised water.  The use of grounding techniques in nature and drinking negative voltage water has an anti-oxidant effect on the body by reducing oxidation (loss of oxygen) and therefore increases the flow of electrons through the body.

Water structure and energy (including cell polarity) are more critical to life function than the natural chemical constituents of water.  The living world is an in equal partnership between the biological molecules and water. Your body, like everything else in the universe is electric.