Our Founder

Our Founder

Robert is the inventor of MEA Water ® devices. Robert has over 30 years of water structure research which led to the September 2012 launch of the first MEA Water ® prototype capable of creating water with a permanent negative charge. Innovation features highly in Robert’s work. Results from 300 experiments on water quality, plants, animal, and human wellbeing has resulted in improved design and engineering. Robert is a prolific author. His extensive papers feature reviews of research outcomes by other scientists dating back to the 1920s.

A younger Robert immersing himself in his favourite place


MEA Water ® is located on 110 acres of land near the Mongarlowe village in NSW, Australia.  The property adjoins the pristine Mongarlowe River and is within a short drive of three major National Parks on the Budawang Range.

The property is named Mangiri, Aboriginal for 'place of gum trees' and is 5 km from where Robert grew up on a farm. It was there that Robert enjoyed a free spirit within nature and particularly the experiences of swimming, rafting, and fishing in the Mongarlowe River. Along with his brothers, Robert spent time at the Currawang waterfalls, among the rainforest and native Sarcochilus orchids in the Budawang National Park.


 A labyrinth built by Robert at his Mangiri property.


These early experiences with water and the other elements of nature led to Robert’s interests in the science of water, soil, plants, groundwater, animal, and human health.  His observations of natural processes in nature led to his creative research, inspirational discoveries and unique innovations within these fields of science.

MEA Water  and Mangiri are proudly owned by Robert and Stephanie Gourlay.  In 1999, they began the extensive development of infrastructure to support their suite of complementary businesses featuring MEA Water ® devices, biological formulations for soil, plants and animal probiotics, human health product range (www.phion.com.au), and groundwater mapping and bore location (www.primalwater.com.au).

From Mangiri, MEA Water ® devices and products are packed and dispatched to clients across Australia and the world.


Robert and Stephanie married for over 50yrs with 2 children and 5 grandkids.