Cutting edge technology

Cutting edge technology

MEA water devices restructure and revitalise your water by entraining a permanent negative charge to replicate the state of water in a pristine flowing river. This allows all living cells, humans, plants and animals to regulate and heal at their highest potential, the way nature intended. This technology is unique in that the device holds a high negative charge permanently. The devices requires NO maintenance once installed and will perform indefinitely.

 MEA water devices are made in Australia from the highest grade materials. Each individual device is tested and labelled on site before being shipped.

Why is a negative charge in water so important? 

The human body has around 40 trillion cells that divide down into 250 body organs (liver, kidneys, heart, etc.) and systems (nervous, hormone, lymphatic, etc.). Cellular health is primarily determined by the strength of the negative (-mV) charge of organ and systems cells. That is, the living cells operate at an optimal level as an energy system, supported by microbes (eg. gut microbes) and chemical actions (eg. cellular energy production). 

The key processes in the body are digestion, absorption, assimilation, and elimination. Cells need to be at an optimal negative charge of about -50mV to enable proper cell regulation and healing. 


All living species are regulated by two (2) forces: entropy and syntropy. Entropy (2nd Law of Thermodynamics) is the natural force that leads to decay or death unless there is a compensating force, eg. syntropy. Syntropy is a life-affirming force that slows down decay (ie. aging) and prevents disease. When entropy is the overpowering force, cell charge will change polarity and move to a positive (+mV) charge, and this is the zone of decay or disease. 

MEA water device provides you with the best possible water to support a healthy lifestyle.