Großes landwirtschaftliches und kommerzielles 4"

MEA Water ® Gerät

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Der Rollo eignet sich für große Unternehmen, da er mit einem Durchmesser von 4 Zoll große Flüssigkeitsmengen handhaben kann. Die WaterMark-Zertifizierung gibt Ihnen Gewissheit in Bezug auf Sanitärsicherheit, Wasserdruck, Geschmack und Giftstoffe. 100 % umweltfreundlich und wartungsfrei.

5 Jahre Herstellergarantie & 30 Tage Zufriedenheitsgarantie.


  • Water tastes softer and balanced.
  • Rapid cell hydration in humans and livestock.
  • Bolsters livestock immunity.
  • Improves livestock behaviour.
  • Enhances livestock presentation.
  • Increases shelf life of produce.
  • Neutralises toxic compounds.
  • Cleaner pools and spas with less chemicals needed.
  • Increases seed germination.
  • Removes mineral deposits e.g, calcite in pipes.
  • Softens hard water.
  • Improves food yields.
  • Activates electrical capacity of beneficial microbes.
  • Increases plant photosynthesis and uptake of nutrients.
  • Improves resilience of vegetables and fruit to pest attack and fungal diseases.
  • Shortens growing period to maturity for vegetables and fruit.
  • Made from stainless steel.
  • No filters required.
  • No power needed.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Environmentally friendly.


Featuring WaterMark Certification that gives you peace of mind regarding plumbing safety, water pressure, taste, and toxins.

The device is easily installed by a plumber or handyman/woman. Once installed, there is no ongoing maintenance and the device will perform indefinitely.

International thread adapters are provided for for use in the US, Canada, Mexico or parts of South America.

Download Installation Guide


  • Weight 23.5 kg
  • Dimensions 49.5 × 21.65 × 21.65 cm
  • Length 495mm
  • Inside Diameter 4”
  • Outside Diameter 216.5mm